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 WhiteTailed Deer Overpopulation in
New Jersey

NJFB New Press Release: Ecologists and Land Professionals Agree Deer Overpopulation in New Jersey is an Emergency

Human Health Effects

Learn about human health issues caused by deer overpopulation.

Agricultural Damage

Read how this situation affects agriculture and farmers.

Ecological Damage

Learn how deer damage forests in New Jersey.

The Mission

The white-tailed deer population in New Jersey is out of balance, and is the cause of agricultural, ecological, and human health losses in the millions of dollars. The mounting costs posed by issues that include deer-related car accidents, crop losses, and Lyme disease should be of grave concern to all New Jersey residents.

Our overpopulation of white-tailed deer is a biological problem that requires a public policy solution. New Jersey must devise a deer management strategy that addresses this issue head-on, while not allowing opinions and misinformation to interfere with sensible, science-based wildlife management.

This website outlines key facts and current data related to the deer overpopulation problem. It includes various points of view from scientists, activists, and elected officials, as well as out-of-state officials who have addressed their own deer-management issues.

Deer overpopulation in New Jersey is an emergency. Together, we must identify a solution.

The New Jersey Farm Bureau, and the agricultural interests we represent, understand that people will have different ideas about the approach to this problem. But ultimately, we must identify immediate and viable solutions to mitigate the negative impact to agriculture, the environment, and human health caused by deer overpopulation.